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When a few people are frank about homosexuality in public, it breaks the
ice. The people are free to be frank about anything and that’s sociailly
useful. Homosexuality is a condition, and because it alienated me or set
me apart from the beginning, it served as a catalyst for self
examination, or a detailed realization of my environment and the reasons
why everyone else is different and why I am different.

永利澳门网站,America and Japan were at war and it is easy in wartime to condemn
wholesale, but far harder to try to see how your enemy looks at life
through his own eyes. Yet it had to be done. The question was how the
Japanese would behave, not how we would behave if we were in their


At least I did not have to forego the anthropologist’s great reliance
upon face-to-face contact with the people he is studying.


They were amazingly frank. Of course they did not present the whole
picture. No people does. A Japanese who writes about Japan passes over
really crucial things which are as familiar to him and as invisible as
the air he breathes. So do Americans when they write about America.


Days ago, I was driving to somewhere with my friend. All of sudden, I
saw an old man was crossing the road. Naturally, I slowed down the car,
and stopped in front him. I waved my hands to show that I wanted him to
go first. The old man gave me a smile, and began to move. While I was
feeling good about what I had done, the driver behind me began to beep.
But I did nothing, and then he switched to another traffic lane and
reached my car. He rolled down the window, and shouted at me: hey, dude,
what’s the matter with you? Is it the first day you drive? Meanwhile, my
friend said to me, oh harry, you are such a different person.

Dear toastmasters and welcomed guests, I am Harry, and this is my CC5
speech. Tonight I would like to share with you my different life.

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If you knew me well, I am different from others in many aspects.
Firstly, I strictly followed the traffic lights. When I was passing
across the road, I waited until the light turned into green. Even it’s
in the midnight when there were no cars on the road. Secondly, I queued
for my turn when I was buying tickets or food. When I could not find my
ID card or forget to buy the soup, I would go to the end of the line,
and waited for my turn agin. Thirdly, I did mute my cell phone when I
entered a library or a meeting room, and I never answered phones in
those places. Many of my friends saw me as a good boy, while other
people thought I was old school. When people asked me why I was such a
different person? I usually told them that I followed the traffic lights
because I worried about my safety; I kept in the queue because I was not
in a hurry; I muted my phone because it was written on the board. At
those moments, the sentence I heard the most was: oh Harry, you are such
a different person.

Actually, I was not such different when I was a little kid. I was like
my friends. When my friends threw rocks to break the neighbors’ window,
I helped them collect the rocks. When my friends were stealing the
watermelons, I was the eye man. I learned to play poker even I didn’t
like it at all. You may wonder why I was doing that. Ever since the
young age, my grandfather, whom I regarded as a wise man, told me that:
hey son, you are about to enter school, do remember the following two
lessons. Lesson one: the minority is subordinate to the majority. Lesson
two: when you are in a fight, always pick the group who has more people.
I was sure my grandfather wouldn’t do anything bad to me, and what he
said was for my good. You see, the non-different character is in our
culture. The seed was planted in our heart when we were kids. As an old
saying says, shoot the bird which takes the lead. Gradually, we are
afraid of being different. But is this right?

Yes, you may drive on the emergency vehicle lane for no one is watching,
but what if you are in the ambulance car, extremely wick, and could not
pass through because so many cars are in the lane. Yes, you may turn on
your cell phone on the plane, but what if the flying signal is
distracted and every one’s safety is threatened. After all, rules are
made to prevent something bad happen. There are some rules which seem
quite unreasonable to you, but at least they means a lot for many people
else. Our grandparents went through a time filled with poverty and
hunger. For many cases, they did not follow the rules because of living.
They worried they might get the food, so sometimes they did not queue in
the line; they worried they might not get on the car so they pushed
against each other. But things have changed. Nowadays we need not to
fight for food, for water, for getting on the bus. After all, you can
always get them, and it’s just a matter of time. Every time, when you
are about to break to the rules, please consider the question that are
you in that hurry?

To be frank, I don’t like to be a different person. I hope I live in a
world where everybody does things following the same rules. I hope one
day when I am getting older, when I am walking slowly on the road, there
is a young man would stop his car, and the people who behind him will
not beep their cars. I hope this day will come soon, and I will not
longer be a different person.

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